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Best Podiatry Services and Locations in Hong Kong. 

Our Featured Services
For Your Needs

Premium podiatrist services including chiropody, corns and calluses, warts, ingrown toenails, all the way to running assessments and orthotics prescription and manufacture.



Removal of corns and calluses. 
Plantar wart (verrucae treatments) including cryotherapy and Laser therapy. 
Nail treatments, including diagnosis and treatment of fungal nails.
Ingrown toe nail problems conservative up to total surgical removal of the nail and nail Matrix.
Advanced therapies
Laser and cryotherapy for Warts and fungal nails.
Nail surgery for infected ingrown or damaged toe nails. 


Podiatric Biomechanical Services

If you are a runner, a walker, a footballer or someone who just spends a lot of time on your feet we can assess, manage and treat things that cause you foot pain.
From postural issues to structural deformities we assess, treat and advise on the best treatment options for you. Tired legs, tight calf, knee, hip and back pain can all, and often do, have a foot element involved.


Gait Analysis and Running Assessment

Gait Analysis and Running Assessment
From Elite athletes to Weekend warriors, often one of the parts of the body which are in contact with your environment the most are your feet: so foot, knee and hip problems can be related to foot function.
Video assisted running assessment/ gait analysis can show if there are any weaknesses, imbalances and restrictions and in the case of running can be seen, assessed and treatment plans put in place to get you moving freely and fully.


Paediatric Podiatry- Kids feet

Children’s feet are different from adults not only in size but in the fact that they are changing all the time, normal change. So we have to be very careful in assessing and treating them differently as the will change size and shape as the child grows, so what may seem to be a problem now may no longer be in a few years. Identifying what needs to be treated and what does not is important. Also how you do it, so if we need to use short or long term orthoses they will be ones specifically for kids.



We can assess you and together decide if you would benefit from these treatments. We use state of the Art 3d scanning to get the best fit and function from custom orthoses made by our partner labs and world renown FORMTHOTICS as our semi-custom orthoses options. We can fit you orthoses for your sandals, sports shoes and even heels.

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