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Clinical Interest

  • Sports / biomechanics podiatry 

  • Foot, ankle and lower limb issues in both adults and children


Douglas Horne is a qualified podiatrist who has been registered in the UK since 1985, and is a member of the UK College of Podiatry he is also a founding member of the International Podiatrists Association of Hong Kong (IPAHK).


Doug is trained in the biomechanical assessment of the lower limb as part of his general podiatry education. Due to his involvement in a number of sports, mainly rugby union, distance running and golf, he continued his education in the prescription and production of foot orthoses and the patho-mechanics of lower limb sporting injuries. Through a number of courses over the last ten years, including residential courses with the Langer Biomechanics Group, he increased his knowledge in the sports / biomechanics podiatry field treating all types of patients from weekend ramblers to elite athletes.


Douglas is expert in using the state of the art GROM orthoses 3D scanning system, which he helped develop. He uses functional exercises and video gait analysis to help resolve foot and ankle and lower limb issues in both adults and children. Douglas will prescribe orthoses, both custom and Semi-custom if there is a clinical need.


Douglas is fluent in English and has some "Podiatry Cantonese".

In all clinics we can arrange for a Chinese ( both Cantonese and Mandarin) translator if there is a need.

Douglas Horne


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